Tuesday 7 January 2014

0 Little Learners - Slide and See - I feel happy

The Book:
Little Learners - Slide and See - I feel happy is a book with pull out tabs about emotions illustrated with the help of animals.

The Bubble:
What we love about the book is the way each emotion is illustrated with the help of animals and characters. The book is great for babies to just look at the beautiful illustration and for slightly older babies to pull out tabs. We love the way it introduces relationships among with emotions like hugging with parents, saying bye to grandparents, learning a skill from mommy, helping mommy and playing with friends. The illustrations used are mother-baby animals and characters and are lovely.

Bubble Ink's verdict:
This can very easily become your baby's first favourite picture book before she ventures into stories. It won't disappoint even as your baby gets older as it offers scope for enacting emotions, building vocabulary with the emotion words on older kids. The book that is sure to grow on your baby. You will not regret the lack of story in this one - the illustrations and the way it subtlety reminds you of some forgotten emotions make up for it.
We bought ours at the Crossword store.
We give it 3 bubbles out of 5.

The Bubbling's verdict:
The bubbling's favourite picture book was this one as a 1 year old. She loves the page "I feel happy when I am with my family" and still keeps bringing this one saying "I feel happy" and sings along - If you are happy and you know it .
She also loves the I feel bored page and the pull out tab on it which shows friends coming along to play. It is a Bubbling-Tantalizing-Three.


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