Thursday 9 January 2014

0 Never Too Little To Love

The Book:
Never Too Little to Love by Jeanne Willis and Jan Fearnley is about a little mouse who loved a tall giraffe and the mouse's attempt to kiss the giraffe.

The Bubble:
The theme of the book is awesome and a perfect aid for the huggy-kissy times with your child. The illustrations are genius with the cut away pages to show how the mouse builds a tower with objects to reach to the giraffe. The tiny mouse lifting all those objects to build its own ladder and the last page in which the giraffe and mouse kiss each other is cuteness overload. The objects in the book are a perfect blend of things that kids can relate to.

We love how a single line story has been made toddler appealing, amusing and emotional - all at the same time - sheer display of imagination and genius illustrations.
A beautiful love story, which begins in "Once upon a time..."style and ends with "..And they lived happily ever after". Now we know, where the romantic movies take their cues from.

We even grabbed some little blocks ( for thimble, matchbox), a crayon for candle and a tea-cup and cupcake from the Fischer Price tea set to build this tower along with a Finger puppet ( a bunny one for lack of a mouse).

Bubble Ink's verdict:
"When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it " - the variant 
"If you love something with all your heart, the whole universe will conspire to get that thing to you" - I so believe in that with all my heart.

All these life's beliefs and the values we stand by, how do we communicate them to our little ones without sounding preachy! Ha! Such books are an answer to that. If they are too young to get it, you will not regret because this book apart from all its cuteness with love and kisses flying in the air will also amuse your child, teach her to identify a lot of objects and a lesson on cause and effect - climbing high up and chances of tumbling.

You yourself will realize that you are "Never too old to read ... Never Too Little to Love".
We give it 5-bubbles.
We got ours , a hard bound book, from My Little Chatterbox as a prize we won and was part of their Animal Adventure theme.

Bubbling's verdict:
At Bubble Ink, we try the book on the bubbling repeatedly before announcing her verdict. Though I personally loved this book and was raring to review it, but the wait was worth it to now give her verdict.
We are amazed at the way this book has grown on her. From calling out objects in the pages, showing little and tall, attempting to count the number of hearts, bending the giraffe's neck to kiss the mouse to now crawling her little fingers up the tower while saying "Up, up and up and "Dhamall" fell down".
It is a bubbling Fab Four. Not giving a full-five only because she still hasn't completely got the romance in the story :). We might come back to the post to make it a Full-Five once she appreciates that piece.


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