Saturday 15 March 2014

0 Day #15 : 30 books in 30 days : Lift the Flap, Pull the tab, Play I Spy

As part of the 30 books in 30 days challenge, everyday of the challenge we will post a reading prompt to motivate you to read books.

Day #15 : Reading prompt : Lift the flap, Pull the tab, Play I Spy.

Books that have fun flaps to lift are sure one of the first books that amused and interested our babies! No doubt. Today let us celebrates those books which a mere joy to play with Pick ones which have flaps to lift, tabs to pull , wheels to turn or for the older kid ,  play "I Spy".

Our picks:

1. Good Egg: Barney Saltzberg : Super fun. Make the egg sit, lie down, catch, speak and have the chick come out and shake shake. Such a beauty!!
You must watch this here.

2. I feel Happy : Little Learners: This is a pull the tab and teaches you emotions. Our review here

3. Each Peach Pear Plum : Janet and Allan Ahlberg: This is a book with which you can play "I spy" and in those awesome, intelligent illustrations is hidden a beautiful story. A baby lost and brought back by the bears out for a hunt, and then all enjoying a plum pie. Each page introduces a character which is seen on the right page and the character being spied on is hidden so intelligently in the illustrations. It introduces all your child's favourite story book characters like "Three bears", "Cinderella" and "Robin Hood".  Awesome in rhyme, awesome in illustrations and it will leave you awe-struck. A classic!!

While you are playing Peek-a-boo or I Spy, please come back and tell us what you read.


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