Wednesday 1 October 2014

0 Write 31 days : Our favourites in the first 24 months

Bubble Ink, being a book blog hasn't featured a book list yet. I have personally bookmarked, pinned , checked off items in booklists across the internet to build my home library of picture books for the child and using that excuse built a library  for myself.  But, somehow never felt I could do justice to a book list. I kept shrugging off the idea thinking "It's going to contain only our favourites", "Am never going to able to get the right number, 10 must read, no 20, no 50" . However, having come to know so many kid-lit websites, FB pages and benefitted by them, it is only fair to pay back by making my own list.
This is a book list of a different sort for the reasons that I find it extremely difficult to list "X" must-have books for "x" year old - So I decided to list a category of books that you might want to introduce your child to in the first 24 months – suggest one or two in that category.

As a new parent aspiring to introduce the best books to your child , or worried about not being so-well-read yourself, or groping around websites or bookshops  without being sure of what to pick, there is just one thing I have to say :  if you read and enjoy children's literature yourself, you will soon sense your child's pulse and develop a knack yourself for the books that your child will love , or better than that your child will just take the lead soon to choose on his/her own. Either way, it works, it just works!

Now such a book list has been on my mind for quite a long time –When I started drafting the blog for the last couple of weeks, it was intended to be “12 Picture book categories for the first 24 months”  - but as I listed it grew to be more than 12. So jumped on Write31Days opportunity to take the plunge, revive the blog and do this long pending book list.

I know, I know, the 30 authors’ one is left at the letter “N” – that is coming soon too!

What you can expect on the Bubble Ink blog for the next 31 days of October is a book category per day – books that we have loved in that category – only books read to/enjoyed by the bubbling will be featured here. I am going to call call it “Our favourites in the first 24 months”. The review of the books under the category might be short unlike a full length Bubble Ink review. If the book has already been reviewed, I will link to the post.  If I fall short of 31 categories, then I will continue to review books for the rest of the days.


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