Sunday 8 December 2013

1 The Bubble Ink : Why The Name and Why The Blog?

Bubble Ink: named thus, for the pure love of the most joyous things in life Bubbles, Books and Babies. While we cuddle , blow bubbles and read to those joy-bringing little villains ( aka babies ) we will share our review on the books we have read and love and the ones we wish to read. 

The blog will also feature write ups on the magic that unfolds when reading to a child; which for me seems to be therapy . This is the must-do thing to retain the little bit of sanity left to get away from "toddlerdom" besides the ever persistent mundane list of "Watch their weight gain, Play Peek-a-boo with them, Rest them well, Take them to parks, etc etc". We all have to admit that the moments of joy that a child brings as short lived as compared to the moments of fear, frustration, anxiety and sleeplessness that they bring along. So the trick of sane motherhood is to do more of those moments of joy. So, if you and your child love reading, this blog will just help you have longer and repeated such moments of joy!!

Reading with a child comes with its own set of tod-patented "Read Before Use" like "Read This, Stop..stop... Read That" ; "Show Me This"  , "No - No - No, not that page" and the automatic fast forwarding of story pages. While we will soon learn to sit through and follow those instructions, for NOW, yeah, for now, reading to the child seems sane enough and feels like magic.


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