Friday 13 December 2013

0 Hippo Has A Hat

Hippo Has a Hat

The Book:
Hippo Has a Hat is about animals going shopping , the clothes and the accessories they try on at the store in order to get dressed for the party.
Julia Donaldson is one of UK's most successful writers for children. She is undoubtedly a "Bubble Ink Favourite" and a hit with the Bubbling.
The book is illustrated by Nick Sharatt.

Hippp Has A Hat

The Bubble:
With any animal lover, the book will be a great hit. The illustrations are lovely and the unconventional way in which the animals are illustrated brings a smile on one's face. The tiger standing up wearing a shirt, the hippo grinning with a hat, the cat looking smart in a cardigan, the zebra with a zip are a treat to view on each page. What is amazing about the illustrations, despite them looking unconventional, the baby brain can so easily identify those animals. It is a moment of mommy pride to have your little one actually identify a frog drowned in an over sized tracksuit. The shop set up with clothes, shoes, bags and even chain for the animals to try on brings cheer to the reader. The illustrations are well detailed with attention given to even the variety of each item on rack display. 
What we love most about the book is the message it sends out to be adventurous, break the conventions and not be feel shy dressing up and the party mood that it sets you in.
We love the caterpillar with shoes on page and the last party page.
The book offers a lot of scope for games with the child. Each page gives a sneak preview to the animal on the next page provides for a good guessing game. The final party page with all animals sitting on each other provides for a challenging "Find the animal that you call out" game.

Bubble Ink's verdict:
A  funny read which makes you realize how the simplest of things can bring joy to your child and a smile on your face too. They say, kids bring out the child in you. I have been a big animal hater all these years, but I just love this book! It makes you want to play dress up or to grab that long lost pair  of shorts to try on! 
Read, Giggle with your little one and get set on shopping mood or the party mood , dress up and indulge! Break the rules!

We bought ours, the board book version on
We give it 4 bubbles out of 5.

The Bubbling's verdict:
This section will feature a rating too. 
Full Five
Fab Four
Tantalizing Three
Teeny Two
Only One

Bubbling, an animal lover gives this one a "Full Five". At the caterpillar page, the way she teasingly says "So many shoes" in baby talk is testimony to her love for the illustrations on book. Did anyone say, kids can't get jokes?


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