Wednesday 7 May 2014

0 Mom's Day Week @ Bubble Ink : Contest

A mother's day contest at the Bubble Ink
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We will run a 5-day long contest on the Bubble Ink FB page and on the blog. Each day activity will gain you a point and the winner will be the one who has accrued the maximum points.

#1: On all 5 days [From May 9, Friday to May 13, Tuesday] you have got to read one book with your child and post on the Facebook page on what you read. Just reading for the day gains you 1 point ( even if you more than 1 book). A maximum of 5 points from this activity if you read on all 5 days.

#2: Mom-Baby Theme Book Reads : On any day if you read a book on the Mom-Baby theme, you get 1 additional bonus point for the day in which that book was read. Only a maximum of 2 points from this activity. Eg: Even if you read Mom-Baby books on all 5 days, only a maximum of 2 bonus points can be accrued.

#3: On Saturday May 10, 2014: Post a single pic having all the mom-baby theme books in your collection. Maximum of 1 point if you post this pic. Even if you post multiple pictures only 1 point can be accrued. You could also list the books in a comment on FB post or the blog post for the day.

#4: On Sunday, May 11, 2014 : Play Virtual Treasure Hunt: We have on-board 5 blogger : picture book lovers and even a children's book writer who will blog about one Mom-Baby book each without revealing the name of the book or the author. The blog post will hold the clues for you to identify the book and its author , both of which should be left as a comment on the blog. This blog will either be a guest post on the Bubble Ink Blog or in the blogger's own blog. You will be intimated on where it is on the day. 1 point for guessing the book and 1 point for guessing the author. Maximum of 2 points on each blog post and 5 such posts leaves you with a maximum of 10 points for this activity. 

P.S: The book bloggers themselves can be participants but they will start with an opening balance for 2 points since they can't guess their own book and for being generous and agreeing to do the blog post. Bubble Ink will ensure that bloggers themselves don't get to know each other's books. 

#5: On Monday, May 12, 2014: Mom Baby Picture books quiz: A quiz having 5 questions on Mom-Baby picture books will be held and 1 point for each right answer. Maximum of 5 points on this quiz. The quiz will be hosted on Google Forms and the link will be published on the blog and FB page on the day of the Quiz.

#6: On Tuesday, May 13, 2014 : Make a wish for a Mom-Baby Picture Book. If you are the winner, we will try to get you that book or give you a 200Rs Flipkart voucher. While you make that wish, don't forget to read to your baby on this day.

Points Table

Reads:5 points
Bonus Reads: 2 points
Picture: 1 point
Treasure Hunt: 10 points 
Quiz : 5 points

A maximum of 23 points can be accrued throughout May 9 to May 13.

1. Children who are being read to or children who read on their own can participate. Mothers can help the older children make the contest entries in the form of comments etc.
2. The contest will remain open till May 15 to accomodate the completion of the activities other than the reading activity. ie. The Quiz will open on 12 May but will remain open for answers till May 15, so will the BookPhotos Contest and the Treasure Hunt.
3. The one with maximum points will be the winner. In case of a tie, the one with maximum Treasure Hunt points and Quiz points put together will be the tie breaker. Even if that doesn't break the tie, Bubble Ink will do a lucky draw to pick one winner.
4. Winner will get the book wished for. If unable to procure it , an optional Flipkart voucher of Rs.200 will be sent to the winner. Winners residing out of India will be given a Amazon voucher of worth 5USD  if applicable in their country of residence, or will be asked for an Indian Address to courier the book.

4. Detailed instruction for the day-to-day activities on where to post will be communicated on a daily basis on the Blog and the Facebook page.
5. Bubble Ink's decision of the winners is final. The decision to dispatch a book or the voucher will be worked out with the contest winner.
6. The points table will be published on a regular basis till the end of the contest.

P/S: This post will be edited in case of any change in rules.
Email or leave a comment here in case of any questions.


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