Wednesday 14 May 2014

0 L is for Leo Lionni

Leo Lionni is an author and illustrator who has won Caldecott honors - 4 times for his works, Alexander and the Wind up mouse, Swimmy, Inch by Inch and Frederick.

Books that the Bubble Ink has read:
Alexander and the Wind-up Mouse.

Books read to the Bubbling:
Alexander and the Wind-up Mouse.

Bubble Ink pick:
Alexander and the Wind-up Mouse.

Bubbling Pick:
- [A very recent read to her]

Some more that we think are great:
Inch by Inch, Frederick, A Color of his Own, Swimmy, It's Mine.

Alexander and the Wind-up Mouse

The Book:
Alexander and the Wind-up Mouse is written and illustrated by Leo Lionni and is a 1970 Caldecott Honor.

Buy yours here on Flipkart and his other works here.

The Bubble:
The book is a story of friendship between a real mouse and a toy mouse in a household. A real mouse who scoots around, escaping his threats like a broom chasing him, mouse traps and the flying saucers. The wind-up mouse Willy can only move if wound up but is very happy feeling safe and loved in the household. An endearing tale of friendship between these two mice is brought out beautifully in the book. Alexander wishes to be a wind-up mouse Willy, who is always loved and cuddled. He comes to know of a lizard who can transform anyone to anything they want. Does Alexander get his wish fulfilled? Does 

Only genius illustrators can make mice look adorable and only on picture books can you love them and appreciate a story of friendship between mice.

Bubble Ink's verdict:
Loved this book. A beautiful story of friendship. The mouse with wheels is cute overness - We can't believe we are saying that. But, it is picture book world, you see!
Anything from monsters and aliens to mice and lizards can be made to look cute. Yes, the book features a lizard too.

The book brings a smile on your face and also memories of the feelings "I wish I was like that" and the endearing things we ourselves have done for our friends.

We bought ours at a book sale for a throw-away price. Serendipity strikes the Caldecott Collector.
We give it 5 bubbles

Bubbling verdict:
A very recent read to the bubbling - so no verdict yet. But she loved the two mice and their friendship. Did not yet the entire essence of the story.


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