Thursday 10 April 2014

0 I is for If you give a

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I is for If you..Series.

The Book:

"If you give a Mouse a Cookie" is written by Laura Numeroff and illustrated by Felicia Bond.

The Bubble:

The book is a story of a mouse being offered a cookie and the things that follow - perfectly done with some great illustrations with a lot of attention to detail. The scenes in the household , the illustrations  shown perfect in size with the mouse appearing tiny on one spread with the boy and in enlarged size on the other spread are so perfect for your little one to visualize it.

The story begins with the boy offering a mouse a cookie, which results in the mouse's endless demands which the mischievous boy ends up catering to and ends in the house being a (beautiful) mess.

The mouse  starting with wanting milk to go with the cookie, to look in the mirror to clean up the milk mustache, asking for a hair trim, asking to nap, asking to be read to sleep - Each one leads to the other in perfect sync and the demands the mouse makes are definitely instances which any child and parent can relate to.  The book ends with the mouse being given a cookie again...So does it all being again?

Sample lines:

with a blanket and a pillow.

He'll crawl in, 

make himself comfortable
and fluff the pillow a few times.
He'll probably ask you to read him a story.

So you'll read to him from one of your books,

and he'll ask to see the pictures.

When he looks at the pictures.....


Bubble Ink's verdict:

The entire series with beautiful illustrations and the incidents that can be easily related to bring a smile to the picture book lover in me, every single time I read it.
If you read the book to a toddler, it will will sure have the toddler call out some demands too. Be prepared.

We love the page in the "If you give a Mouse.." - where boy gets the mom's beauty powder box for the mouse to nap in and the mouse fluffs the puff! It's such a pretty illustration. The boy emptying the beauty powder and box and the mouse snuggling inside it.

In the style of the book itself..

If you read this book once to your child,

He/She will want you to read it again and again.

So you will begin to read it again , you ll be stopped midway 

your child will ask to try one of the things 
that is happening in the book.

While you set out to fetch that thing for your child and return

she would have now turned the book to page one - for you to start again.

We give it 5 bubbles. 

We bought all that we have in the series on Book Sales here, there and everywhere.

Bubbling's verdict:

The bubbling loves the illustrations and we spend a lot of time discussing the details on the illustrations on each spread of the book.  She tries to picture read some of the pages and giggles at the page where the mouse is being read a book to and drawing with crayons. She relates the mouse in this book with the "Happy Birthday Mouse " from the same author . This one is a bubbling-fab-four.. 


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