Monday 17 February 2014

0 30 Books in 30 Days @ The Bubble Ink

Bubble Ink - Inspired by this post here and backed by our love for Children's books, Bubble Ink is hosting a Reading Challenge. Anyone who loves reading to their children or have children who love to read can participate. Our very own version of 1000 Books Before Kindergarten - "30 books in 30 days challenge". The challenge is aimed at children in the age group of 0 to 5. The challenge starts on March 1(Day 1) and goes on till March 30 (Day 30). On the Bubble Ink  Facebook wall, we will post everyday indicating the Day in the challenge and also a book prompt. All participants would have to comment on the post mentioning the book that they read on that day. For the non-FB participants, you can send an email with the Subject Day#1:YourName:NameOfTheBook to


1. Read a book everyday and tell us the book you read as a comment on that day's wall post. For older children, parents would need to help them post the name of the book the kid read on that day.
2. Any book, any language will be accepted. Story book, word less picture book, board book with just pictures/words - anything. You can repeat the books. You are allowed to even read the same book on all 30 days. Just read everyday and tell us what you read.
3. One who completes the 30 books in 30 days challenge on the 30th day will win a Rs.250 flipkart voucher from the Bubble Ink.
4. All participants will get a badge "I am participating in the 30 Books in 30 Days Challenge @Bubble Ink" to flaunt on your blog/facebook profile.
5. In case you miss a day due to stressful parenting times or work schedule or any unforeseen circumstances, the contest will run till April 7, to allow you to complete the 30 books challenge.
6. Selecting winner rules: On March 30, if there is only one winner, the voucher is theirs to keep. If there is more than one winner on March 30, Bubble Ink will send a book each to a maximum of 5 winners (the first 5 to post the 30th book) . Books selected will be at the discretion of the Bubble Ink. If there is no winner as on March 30, we will wait till April 7 for one/more winners and the same rules apply for the prizes. Between March 30 and April 7, the first one to complete the challenge will take the voucher. If there is no winner till April 7, then the one who has read the maximum number of books takes the voucher.
7. All those who complete the challenge, (even if you complete it after April 7) will get a badge "I Completed the 30 Books Challenge @Bubble Ink" to flaunt on your blog/website/facebook profile.
8. The contest is open to all. All Indian resident winners, will be emailed the Rs 250 voucher. In case of books, they will be shipped to them. In case of an international winner, instead of a Rs 250 voucher, $5 amazon voucher or an equivalent for the country of residence will be sent out. For logistics issues, we will not be able to ship the books internationally. In case of an international winner who needs to get the book, we will work out a suitable option for them depending on the city they reside in or contact them if they need the book shipped to someone in India. This being a self-sponsored event, we are forced to have some restrictions like these.
9. The flipkart voucher is self-sponsored by Bubble Ink and has no affiliation or tie-up with Bubble Ink's decision on the prizes , the winners and the rules of the contest is final.

Now, share this initiative , Read Everyday and gear up for the challenge.

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Saturday 15 February 2014

0 Valentine Pick : Plant a Kiss

The Book:
Plant a Kiss by Amy Krouse Rosenthal is a delightful book on  kindness and sharing, illustrated by Peter H Reynolds.

The Bubble:

The book is about a little girl who "plants" a kiss. She cares for it by watering it , greeting it and showing it sunshine. She waits for it with all the hope for it to sprout and stayed by it through rain, snow and sunshine. When it does, she calls all to show the magic. She shares it with all only to realize that the kisses multiplied. She gleefully goes about, spreading more of those kiss-seeds all over, thus spreading more love for endless bliss!

The book has maximum 3 or 4 word rhyming sentences and would be a treat to hear a beginning reader read it aloud. The illustrations are an overload of cuteness and a treat to see!

Bubble Ink's verdict:

Such a modern take on kisses, all life's lessons between the two covers of the book!
Use the book to teach your little one the goodness of planting, caring and hoping against all odds and acts of kindness and sharing. After all kindness is a magic penny, lend it , spend it , give it away and comes right back to you in multitudes!

Blow a kiss, fly a kiss and come on , plant a  kiss!

On this Valentine, may there only be longer lasting bliss!

We give it 5 bubbles.

Watch the book trailer hereWe came to know about the book from our very own "Pappadum". We have placed an order for our own copy with them.We bought one on to gift to a friend's daughter.

Bubbling's verdict:

My bubbling @2Years is a bit too young for the book. So this section is a verdict from a 6 year bubbling, a friend's daughter - to whom we gifted the book and instantly took to it and loved it. Infact, read it at one of her school functions where she received the "Star award". In her own words, "I like it a lot because she shares it with everyone".
It is a Bubbling-Full-Five.