Saturday 12 April 2014

0 K is for Knuffle Bunny

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The Book:
Knuffle Bunny is a set of 3 books surrounding the bunny toy of a girl named Trixie written by Mo Willems.

Knuffle Bunny - A cautionary tale - Caldecott Honor - 2005
Knuffle Bunny Too - Caldecott Honor - 2008

This post is a review of Knuffle Bunny Free - the last in the series.

The Bubble:
The series is about a girl called Trixie whose favourite toy is her Knuffle Bunny. Trixie keeps misplacing her Knuffle Bunny in every story in the series.

In Knuffle Bunny Free - Trixie goes on a trip to her grandparents' and loses her Knuffle Bunny in the plane. She terribly misses her bunny throughout her stay - No new toy, no new places  or park visits seem to do the trick for Trixie to forget Knuffle Bunny and she is terribly upset. She then dreams of the Knuffle Bunny being on this trip with her and all the fun that they have together and the dream makes her feel a little better.
Much to her delight , Trixie finds Knuffle Bunny on her flight back - But would Trixie part with Knuffle Bunny and set it free ? For whom?

The illustrations are an absolute delight - they show the everyday scene of park visits, swing plays, coffee shops, airport in a way that a toddler can relate to them really easily.

Bubble Ink's verdict:
This is our verdict for the entire series.
We love how the series spans the growth of Trixie over the three books. The first one in the series shows Trixie ,a "not-yet" talking toddler tirelessly trying to convey to her father only to annoy him more with her babbles and the mother perfectly understanding her message by just the look on her face. The second one shows the "possessive" Trixie who can't accept another classmate having a toy similar to hers and the frustrated Trixie when she mistakenly brings her friend's Knuffle Bunny instead of hers. The third and the finale one shows the now "kind-and-sharing" Trixie learning to part with her favourite Knuffle Bunny for a younger child. Thus the name, Knuffle Bunny Free. We love the story.
A must read . So much for the toddler to relate to in the illustrations and the story line.

We give the entire series 5-bubbles.

We have 2 of the series and bought them at and and borrowed one from Hippocampus, Bangalore.
If Bengaluru residents need a copy of this, the Lightroom Bookstore has the 2nd and 3rd in the series.

Bubbling's verdict:
Bubbling and I actually read the series in reverse order. Knuffle Bunny Free was our first read. Though I was wary about it not being age appropriate for her, it was an instant hit. It also happens to be her favourite in the series. She could relate very well to trips to visit her own grandparents in train, visits to parks and the likes.
She picture reads the pages like "Trixie crying" , "Knuffle Bunny missing", "Appa, upset "  and has also asked her own dad when he takes that upset pose - "Appa, why upset"?.
It is a bubbling-full-five for the entire series.


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