Monday 30 March 2015

0 Bubble Ink : #BubblySummer Reading Program

Bubble Ink celebrates the love for books this summer by hosting a social media picture book party by complimenting it with art/craft activities and by pairing participants as reading partners.

What is #bubblysummer?
It is a social media picture book party which will run for a whole month. This will involve sharing of picture book recommendations, personalised book suggestions for participants, activity ideas shared from across the internet. As an added bonus, participants will be paired with a reading partner to share each other's reads with - sending notes about each other's reads, getting to know their reading partner in terms of book choices, book collection and whatever they wish to.

Register using this form to express your interest for participation. 8-10 participants will be selected for this. Registrations close by 10 th April 2015. Selected participants will be announced on 12th April 2015

As a selected participant, you agree to 
1. Be paired with one other participant ( with whom you will share your personal email or any convenient mode of communication). Your reading partner will be chosen based on registrations received and will take into account - your child's age. We will try and find the best match.

2. Interact actively with your reading partner and on Bubble Ink social media (FB page or Instagram or Email) by sharing your reads and activities for the time window 

decided for the program. Using the hashtag #bubblysummer, you will share pictures of the books you read and the activities you do. 
Take care of copyright and do give credit if activity ideas are taken from the internet.
If you dislike sharing public pictures on your personal FB profiles, you could email pictures to - we would post on our timeline and not tag you.

3. Receive emails ( not more than 2 a week ) with themes, books based on the theme and activities to go with them. There is no restriction to read the books we suggest or to stick to the theme we suggest. The theme may or may not releate to summer - Possible themes are Dance, Art, or authors like Eric Carle etc. Themes / Activity ideas will be communicated primarily via email to all participants . It will be optionally shared on Bubble Ink FB timeline too.

The emails will contain affiliate links to websites - buying from them gives us a small fee which are used to run contests in the Bubble Ink. However, there is no mandate to buy from those links. 

If you wish for Bubble Ink get in touch with you - to give you some personal book recommendations after getting to know your child's likes, interests and exposure to reading so far.

4. Optional : If and only if all participants agree, there is a book and activity exchange that can be planned among particpants or among reading partners. This is completely optional. There is no commitment to do this. 

Disclaimers: Bubble Ink is not associated with any e-commerce sites. Books recommended during this program will be the ones personal read by the Bubble Ink. Activity ideas will most often be sourced from the World Wide web - via Pinterest, FB pages and due credit will be given them by sharing the direct links to them.

1. What are the exact dates of this program?
We plan to decide the exact dates after choosing the participants and keeping in mind vacation and travel plans of all participants.
It will anytime between April 15, 2015.

2. Why the 10 participants and age restriction.
Since this is a pilot , we want to try this with a limited set so that we can do full justice and personal recommendations to all the participants. Bubble Ink 

specialises in picture books , though we believe there is no age limit to picture book reading, we are not experts yet at book suggestions for older kids. We would 

like to keep this program interesting and useful by giving personally tried recommendations only. Thus, the age restriction. However, if your child is an ardent picture book lover and if you would like to part of the program, do register.

3. Am travelling during the time of the program - Can I still participate?
You can. If you will read to your child during your travel and be able to share it on Social Media/ Email to us and with your reading partner.

4. How often should I interact with my reading partner? What kind of interaction would I have?
We suggest atleast 2 to 3 times a week to make it interesting and active for your partner. You should interact with your reading partner only in their preferred mode of communication. Eg: if your partner dislikes to be tagged on your FB posts - please don't tag them.
You can share  your daily reads with them  - Get to know their book choices/tastes - Suggest them some from your collection. 

Do write to or contact on for any clarifications.


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