Wednesday 4 March 2015

0 Bubble Ink : World Read Aloud Day : Post 1

The clue to the first book is part of this post and there will be more posts during the day and the answers have to be submitted via this form.  All details of the contest are here

Arts Tales with Arthi Anand

Arthi Anand Navaneeth is a marketing professional with a fragrance MNC , mother of 2 girls and a writer. Have You Seen This? and Ranganna are her picture books published by Tulika.  She also is the creator of Mister Muthu for Chandamama.

She is a children's book reviewer at Saffron Tree and a weekend storyteller. She blogs about her storytelling adventures at Art's Tales and  her FB page is

Arthi shares her Read Aloud experience with us.

It is Read aloud day on March 4 and our old friend The Bubble Ink is hosting a contest, a very novel one.

As far as reading aloud goes- I am more of a narrator, very rarely have the patience to read aloud true to the written word. But here are somethings I do:

- Begin with rhyming and cumulative tales- The Big Pancake is a great one or One fish, Two fish 
- Choose a subject the child likes
- Modulate my voice to match the mood
- Let the budding reader read a word/ line or two
- Pause for discussion on the visuals and the situation
- Embellish or condense as needed

As part of the Bubble Ink - World Read Aloud Day Contest - I am leaving a clue for our favourite Read Aloud. Guess the name of the book, its author and illustrator.

The answers will have to be submitted using this form after all the posts go live during the day. Please do not post the answer as Facebook comments or blog post commments. Alternately, can also be emailed to 

The Bubble Ink asked for our best read aloud experience, I would have said a whole lot of Tulika titles, Seuss staples, Handa's Surprise and of course Julia Donaldson but if I had to choose just one it would  be this:

It is evocative and gives opportunity to dramatise. The visuals are beautiful and have a lot of detail. It ensures the listeners are listening and contributing in a tale with a twist in the end ( always the best kind). 

The story provokes discussion on creepy crawlies and marriage and asserts girl power. The author is a master storyteller and shares a connect with one of India's iconic monuments.
Guess the book, author and its illustrator.


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