Sunday 11 May 2014

0 Picture Book Treasure Hunt #3

Check Clues #1 and #2 here.

Clues #3:
#Picture Book Treasure Hunt Clue #3

Rashmi Marathe - Mom, A language teacher, lover of picture books and a story teller under the name of "Reading Rabbits" in Nagpur.
She blogs here at

Here are her clues for the third book in the Hunt.

A mother warns her children to be careful as she is going away to look for some food. What do the children do, how do they react when danger prevails and finally what is their reaction on seeing their mother forms the story.

A simple story with very few words and self-comprehensive illustrations can be introduced to children as young as 2 year olds. The story is inspired by our 'King of the jungle'. Yes, you guessed it right - Lion, especially Asiatic Lion found in the Vit forests of Gujarat, India. Needless to say that, thus this book has been penned by an Indian.

The author is a multi-faceted personality. Being an educationist, entrepreneur, social worker, she has many children's books to het credit. She is very passionate about wildlife too.

Guess the book and the author.

1. 1 point for guessing the book and 1 point for guessing the author on each blog.
2. Comment moderation is enabled on all blogs. So you will not be able to view your comment till the end of the contest, 15th May.
3. We would appreciate if you collect all the answers and make it as a single comment here.
4. Do not leave the comment on FB posts.
5. You can email the entire set of your answers to
6. The contest is open till 15th May for guessing.
7. This is not a classic treasure hunt but just a guessing game of Picture books in mom-child theme. i.e One clue doesn't lead to the other.
8. So, the points are not based on who guesses first. You guess it right anytime between today and 15th May you get the point for it.


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