Wednesday 4 March 2015

0 Bubble Ink : World Read Aloud Day - Post 2

The clue to the second book is part of this post and there will be more posts during the day and the answers have to submitted via this Google form. All details of the contest are here. All blog posts can be seen here

Dr. Tanu Shree Singh is a parent to two preteen boys, a lecturer in Psychology, and has a keen interest in the area of Positive Psychology. Most of her theories of bringing up children, however, have been violently challenged and reshaped by her two sons. She is surrounded by three clueless men (one by virtue of wedlock and two by virtue of womb), has five dogs with distinct non-canine personalities, and has an ever growing bookshelf to hide behind.

Tanu shares her Read Aloud experience with us.

Today is the World Read Aloud day. So pick up a book, grab some children, and read to them! No one is ever too old to be read out to. And no one is ever too old or too busy to read out aloud. Take out ten minutes, and watch the magic unfold. Read more  at Rivokids 

As part of the Bubble Ink - World Read Aloud Day Contest - I am leaving a clue for our favourite Read Aloud. Guess the name of the book, its author and illustrator.

The answers will have to be submitted using this Google form after all the posts go live during the day. Please do not post the answer as Facebook comments or blog post comments. Alternately, can also be emailed to 

A book should have a story. Are you sure?
It has to make sense. Oh Boo!
Little kids love colourful pictures filling up the pages. Yeah right.
Does it have a lesson? Of course! It teaches us that words are a whole lot of fun. Oh! You mean a moral lesson? Err, no.
Only little ones love being read to. Well, get this, my teenaged boys get me to read this every time their friends are over, just for laughs.


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