Wednesday 9 April 2014

0 H is for Hippo

Part of the A to Z challenge - #atozchallenge

H is for Hippo is a round up of books on Hippopotamus and our favourite Hoo, The Hippo.

The Hippo books in this round up are :
But not the Hippopotamus - Sandra Boynton
Hippo Has a Hat - Julia Donaldson - Already reviewed here. - which is a bubbling-full-five.

Hippos can be made to appear cute only on picture books. Here is our review of But not the Hippopotamus - by Sandra Boynton.

The Book:
But not the Hippopotamus is a book written by Sandra Boynton and is a story of a Hippopotamus and his other animal friends.

The Bubble:
The book is in perfect Boynton style excellent rhyme and the illustrations amusing. This book is a host of events that a hog and frog, cat and rat, moose and a goose and bear and  hare are upto. But not the hippopotamus! The illustrations are so expressive, the rolling-eyes hippo on every page is utterly cute.  

Sample lines: 
A moose and a goose
Together have juice.
But not the hippopotamus.

A bear and a hare
have been to a fair.
But not the hippopotamus.

There is a simple story weaved in as well which helps the child relate the fun things that the animals try out. Will the Hippopotamus join the animal fun? Who is this armadillo now?

Bubble Ink's verdict:
Atleast one Sandra Boynton is a must buy for your child's library. We love the rhyme, we love the wit and her trademark illustrations.

We give this one 4 bubbles.
We bought our copy on 

Bubbling's verdict:
The hippo is one of the bubbling's favourite characters. She loves the text and tries to say "But not the Hippo?" Why? . The book, however was not an instant hit with the bubbling. This, but, is just my bubbling's view. It sure will delight many hippo lovers.

It is a bubbling-tantalizing-three.

While on the letter H, we can't wrap the post up without talking about one other Hippo, that is our favourite. Hoo, The Hippo - Hippocampus Children's library. 
It is a book-lover's paradise. We have borrowed some much longer for wish list items from here the last couple of months. While the bubbling enters in all joy squealing "So many books, Amma", we have also sometimes come back with the bubbling not wanting to return the book borrowed the previous time.
We love our late afternoon trips to the Hippocampus, Bangalore centre.

H is for Hoo, the Hippo and Hugs to Hoo! And Hoo, the Hippo is nothing short of a Bubbling-Ten-on-Ten!


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