Wednesday 2 April 2014

0 B is for Blue Chameleon

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The Book:
Blue Chameleon is a book by Emily Gravett and has got lovely illustrations of Chameleons.

The Bubble:
The book is not just about illustrations of color-changing chameleon but has a story weaved in too. It starts with a Blue Chameleon feeling lonely. Through the pages of the book, this blue chameleons meets a host of things, animals, birds, reptiles and greets them with his witty, cute one-liners. The chameleon not only changes color but also poses in the style and adapts the patterns of whom/what it meets. Just while he is about to give up on seeing the grey rock, he gets to meets another chameleon and they both are multi-colored and multi patterned and dance away to glory.

The book is an absolute visual treat starting from the pink cockatoo, swirly snail, the stripy sock, smart and stylish boot, spotty ball.

Bubble Ink's verdict:
This book is an absolute delight to own. It is one of those books, which you will not be satisfied by just reading once, but would so want to own a copy of your own. 
We love the illustrations on each and every page. It is beautiful, intelligent and done with a lot of attention to detail. We love the one-liners that go with every page, like in the Sock Page with the Chameleon hanging upside down on a cloth line asking the sock "Can I hang out with you?". The smart looking chameleon stylishly saying "Howdy" to the Boot. Intelligence is seen in the pages in which the chameleon meets a fish and doesn't greet, but the illustrations shows bubbles coming out to show the chameleon in water. The impression of the chameleon even when it meets a white page is a lot of attention to detail. 

A must own in every child's library and can start at any age! The illustrations are drool-worthy and in addition can also be used to learn colors, patterns ,objects and animals. 
We give it 5 bubbles.
We bought ours at a sale.

Bubbling's verdict:
My bubbling likes the book, she . However, the book is not something she would pick up on her own to bring to be read. With just that in mind, for now, it stands as a Bubbling-tantalizing-three. 


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