Monday 28 April 2014

0 X is for X-Mas Pick : Welcome to Santa's Toy Shop

Part of the A to Z blogging challenge #atozchallenge.

The Book:
Welcome to Santa's Toy Shop is a pop-up storybook by Granddreams Limited.

The Bubble:
It is a perfect Christmas story for every child who dreams of Santa filling stockings with toys and leaving them under the Christmas tree. The story is of the elves helping Santa make toys - chiselling , hammering and painting to make engines, aeroplanes; stuffing and stitching to make stuffed toys. 

The illustrations are utterly cute with toys strewn all over, the little elves doing all the chores like stacking, the toys, painting them, relaxing with tea, snoozing and wrapping the gifts is a delight to watch. 

Bubble Ink's verdict:
A perfect Christmas story for even the youngest child who can delight in the colorful and cute illustrations; for the slightly older to make-believe how gifts end up under the Christmas tree. The book being a pop-up just makes it better.

We give it 4-bubbles. We bought ours at a book sale for a throwaway price. The book has not got any author or illustrator listed on it.

Bubbling's verdict:
This is her first popup book and she loves looking at the toys, counting the elves and all the Santa!
It is a bubbling-tantalizing-three.


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