Tuesday 22 April 2014

0 S is for Sleepy Head

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S is for Sleepy Head

The Book:
Sleepyhead is written by Karma Wilson and illustrated by John Segal.

The Bubble:
The book is a bed time scene between a cat who tries to put a teddy bear to sleep. The narration has the dialogue between the two complemented well by the dreamy and imaginative illustrations. It starts with the teddy bear pleading for one more book to be read before going to sleep. The illustrations show books with pictures of cat, walrus, penguin, giraffe, dolphin strewn on the floor. The teddy bear delays bed time by asking for one more hug, one more kiss - one more of everything. The cat is shown to be losing patience with illustrations to indicate louder and sterner calls "go to sleep, It's time for bed".

The quilt that is spread out also has the same characters as in the books on the first page. From then on, the pleads for one more drink, one more snuggle, one more cuddle, one more blanky, one more stretch and one more yawn leading to the teddy bear falling asleep. The illustrations on each of these pleads show the cat begging, impatient and tired and the teddy bear happily taking plight in his own imagination in each of the characters on the quilt/book - the walrus in the quilt is tucked in the blanky, penguins from the book stretch and yawn, the dolphin in the book is used as a ride-on!

Sample text:
One more hug, says Sleepyhead.
Sleepyhead, Sleepyhead.
Now close your eyes,
my Sleepyhead.

We've kissed our kiss, your quilt is spread.

Go to sleep, It's time for bed.
One more kiss, says Sleepyhead.

Thus go the plead for one more of everything.

Bubble Ink's verdict:
It's an apt bed time read narrating and illustrating the deja-vu scene is most households before bed. We love how the illustrations show the tending-to-impatient cat and the undisturbed-by-that teddy bear . We love the dreamy effect, of how the characters in the quilt and the books read take life in the teddy's bear imagination as the cat calls out "Time for bed" and he pleads for "one more of everything". Such beauty in the details.

We love the giraffe page which has the cat stretching out a book to be read and the teddy bear whimsically sitting atop the giraffe saying "Just one more!".

When we say, picture books delight us - This is one of those books!

When you read this book to your Sleepyhead,
Be prepared for the plead,
One more time!

We borrowed our copy from Hippocampus, Bangalore.
We give it 4 bubbles.

Bubbling's verdict:
The bubbling enjoys the characters in the illustrations and tries to picture read them. It is a bubbling-tantalizing-three.


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