Tuesday 1 April 2014

0 A is for Annabelle : Extra Yarn

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The Book:
Extra Yarn by Mac Barnett illustrated by Jon Klassen is a story of sharing, good will and magic. It is a 2013 Caldecott Honor.

The Bubble:
The story is of a little girl named Annabelle who lives in a town which seems lifeless with just snow and soot all over. Annabelle finds a box of yarn of all colors and she decides to knit herself a sweater. On finding that she had more yarn left she knit her dog a sweater too. She goes on then to knit everyone in the town a sweater including her friend and his dog, her classmates, her school teacher and all friends and family and neighborhood. She finds that the yarn was never running out. She brings warmth and color to her town by knitting sweaters for even inanimate things like houses, lamp posts etc. The box gets stolen, Does it come back to Annabelle? 

Jon Klassen's illustrations are an absolute delight to see! The illustration of Annabelle weaving with her yarn box is adorable.  

Bubble Ink's verdict:
The sheer joy of sharing what you have got with others, brightening up someone's day or life with a sweet deed and in believing in magic are the things that this book reminds me of. We love the bit where Annabelle knits a hat for a man who dislikes sweaters. We love the humor in the bit where her friend Nate, criticizes her about her sweater. But later, she figured out that it was out of jealously. She knits him and his dog a sweater too. A thoughtful gesture, that. 
We loved the repeated text that goes like this throughout the book
"It seemed that Annabelle would soon run out of yarn.
But it turned out that she didn't"

This book just like this one reminds us
"Love, it's just like a magic penny.
Hold it right and you won't get any.
Lend it, spend it, give it away,
And it comes right back to you"

The stolen yarn box, the curse - Nothing mattered!

We give it 5 bubbles.
We borrowed our copy from Hippocampus, Bangalore

Bubbling's verdict:
It seemed that the bubbling @ 2 would be too young for this book. 
But it turned that she wasn't.

Though she did not get the entire essence of the book, she loved the illustrations, she understood the bit about knitting for all friends and family and also the darkness in the robbery. It was one of the books that she kept bringing back to be read to again and again.

It is a bubbling Fab-Four.


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