Friday 18 April 2014

0 P is for Pete the Cat

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The Book:
Pete the Cat, I love my white shoes is written by Eric Litwin and illustrated by James Dean. 
It is a series featuring Pete the cat, the coolest cat in the world of picture books. 

The Bubble:
The book is a story of a super cool cat - Pete who goes for a walk with his white shoes singing his song, "I love my white shoe". Along the way , he steps into strawberries , blueberries and mud turning his white shoes into red , blue and brown. 
Despite his shoes getting discoloured and dirty - Pete doesn't cry and keeps singing his song because it's all good. 
The story is in the form of a dialogue, hence makes a great interactive read aloud with the child. 

Sample lines 
"Oh No, Pete stepped into a pile of strawberries.
What color did it turn his shoes ? 
Did Pete cry?
Goodness No! 
He kept walking along and singing his song .
I love my RED shoes ,
I love my RED shoes,
I love my RED shoes. 

Bubble Ink's verdict:
Great illustrations , repetitive text, a sing-along verse within the book and a cute story and message weaved in - this one can easily become one of your child's first books to be picture read , well before knowing letters and sounds. 

We bought ours at a book sale. We give it 5-bubbles. 

Bubbling's verdict: 
One of the books that was an instant hit on the very first read itself. The bubbling loves singing along and dancing to the verse "I love my white shoes ". It is , without any doubt , a bubbling-full-five. 

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