Thursday 12 June 2014

0 Date with Dad : Father's Day at Bubble Ink

Celebrating Daddy Dearest at Bubble Ink - Today we Date with Dad.

"Love you to the moon and back" - Guess How much I love you - by Sam McBartney and Anita Jeram - 

- If saying those words to your little one everyday is not enough, then go on a Book Date. 

Date with Dad picks from the Bubble Ink. The Theme is "Love".

1. Guess How much I love you. - by by Sam McBartney and Anita Jeram  - A lovely story featuring a father bunny and little bunny in which they tell each other how much they love each other. Every time, the little bunny stretches his arms or feet to show "This Much" - the father bunny goes higher, longer and much more than the little.a Father-child love that!
and the book ends with "Love you to the moon and back". 

2. Papa, Please get the moon for me. by Eric Carle - A daughter wants to play with the moon and the father sets out to get her the moon - Is he able to? How does he solve the problem - A lovely story that reminds us of all that daddies are ready to do for their children. They say, Don't call it lost till Mom can't find it. Don't call it quits, did Dad can get it for you, Even, The Moon Be it!

And if your birthday is nearing, this is an excellent read too
3. How many sleeps till my birthday by Mark Sperring and Sebastien Braun. A story of a father bear planning a surprise party for the baby bear and how the baby bear goes on tirelessly to ask How many more sleeps till my Birthday? - Lovely gesture that.
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Here are some more that we shared for our "Daddy Dearest" during our 30day reading challenge.

Activity Ideas:
These are links from various sites across the internet.

Guess How much I love you

Papa, Please get the moon for me:

You could read any of your favourite books on this book-date with daddy. You could read your daddy's favourite too. You could read any book on love theme. You could read just about anything!!

There is a maximum of 5 points to be won for this theme.

It is not mandatory to read these same books or do the same activities. 

Reading any book gets you 2 points.
Reading a book either on "Dad" as theme or with "Date/Love" as the theme gets you 2 more points.
Doing any activity on any theme gets you 1 point.

If the dad does any of these with you, give him a Hi-Fi instead of an additional point!

Send us an email to with your reads as text or pictures or post on our FB Page post.


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