Tuesday 10 June 2014

0 Father's Day @ Bubble Ink

Bubble Ink celebrates Dad's Day with our dearest things, Books. We will read and share with each other books that we read, book or craft related activities that we do.

Date, Dine, Doodle and Dine with Dad!. For each of these these, we'll post book picks / reviews along with links from the internet for activity ideas.

Date With Dad:
Go on a book date with Dad. The theme is "Love". Read the book you love, a book about parent-child love,pets-love, toys-love anything, adventure-love, sports-love or just read anythings - as reading is all your love. Take your dearest book to Daddy Dearest to gain those extra points.
Eg: Love you forever , Guess How much I love you.
Also books like We're going on a Bear Hunt - which features the father going on a adventure with the family.
Activity idea: Make a card for Daddy.

Dine With Dad:
The theme is "Eat/Cook". Read any book related food. Cook a meal with him. 
Eg: The Tiger who came for Tea, Gruffalo is good too :).

Activity idea: Host a pretend play tea/dinner party along with your favourite book character. Cook up a dish for daddy. Create any craft around food theme. 

Doodle with Dad:
The theme is "Art". Read any book related to art. Make a doodle with him. Draw your favourite book character with him.
Eg: Beautiful Oops, Harold and the Purple Crayon, ish.

Doze with Dad:
The theme is "Sleep". Read any sleep theme book or any book at bedtime with daddy or a book having dads putting children off to sleep.
Eg: Ten, Nine,Eight by Molly Bang 
Interrupting Chicken by Erza Keats
Owl Moon - Jane Yolen.

The blog post for the day will detail the theme for the day and will include picture books featuring dads or which relate to the theme . It can occasionally include internet / Pinterest links with activity suggestions. Doing the very same activity or reading the exact books in the blog are not mandatory to qualify for the points.

1. It is not mandatory to read only "Dad" themed books, neither is it mandatory to read only with the "Dad". Like we always say, Just Reading will suffice.

2. Every day starting Wednesday June 11, a blog post and a wall post on the FB page will be made announcing the theme for the day. Books read/Activities done can be posted as a comment there or can be sent as an email. The comment can be pictures or simply mentioning the book and the activity. There is no time restriction to post or email. The contest will run till June 17. Any theme can be done on any of the days. Doing multiple themes on the same day is allowed too. If you are not doing that same activity as in the blog, it is easier to email the activity to us than looking for the right FB post. We would appreciate if you send email(s) for the theme. 

3. Each theme can win you a maximum of 5 points. 
Break up of points:
Read any book : +2
If the book is on the theme like Dining/Doodling/Dozing/Dating or if it is dad themed :+2
Do an activity around the book or the theme : +1

So a maximum of 20 points for the 4 themes mentioned above.
The points table will be posted on a timely basis.

4. The one who gets maximum points will win a Rs 200 flipkart voucher. International participants can opt for a equivalent 5$ voucher on amazon if available in their country or will have to go with the INR voucher. Indian residents can also opt for a book of their choice to be shipped. In case of a tie, a lucky draw will be done to pick one winner. Prizes are self sponsored by Bubble Ink and have no association with Flipkart. If the contest sees very inactive participation, Bubble Ink will decide not to give out the prize voucher.

5. The contest closes on 17 June 2014 and winner announcement will be made on or before 22 June 2014.


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