Friday 13 June 2014

0 Dine with Dad : Father's Day @Bubble Ink

Dine with Dad:
Celebrating Daddy Dearest with our Dearest things Books.

Dine with Dad - Theme being Food.

Bubble Ink Book Picks : These are picture books which feature dad and/or those have food in them.

Every Friday - Dan Yaccarino - Story of a father-son who go for breakfast together every Friday morning - the book narrates their walk down to the diners. The book is beautifully illustrated to show how the father-son slow down their busy life, taking time off to watch things around and it ends beautifully to say "Can't wait for the next Friday"!

The Tiger who came to Tea : Judith Kerr - A beautiful story of a Tiger who comes for Tea and eats and drinks up everything in the house leaving neither dinner or anything in the pantry to cook a dinner up. The father frets not and takes the family out for dinner and shopping to buy Tiger Food.

Activity Ideas:
Tiger who came to Tea :

You can cook up a meal or go for a Saturday breakfast with the daddy - That counts too!

As always, not mandatory to read only Dad-child books , not mandatory to read only Food related book, not mandatory to read only with the dad.


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