Thursday 19 December 2013

0 Author Speaks - Nandini Thatavarthy

Author speaks

This is an interview with the author of "Two girls who wanted the golden crown" - Nandini Thatavarthy, age 5.
We asked the author's mom to do an interview on behalf of Bubble Ink for the post. I hear that the little author was super excited about the feature, here are her answers - Unedited.
Bubble Ink : When did you start reading books?
Nandini : When I was like 5 years old.

Bubble Ink :Which is your favorite book?
Nandini :Pokemon and Ash and Don Adventure

Bubble Ink :What other books do you like?
Nandini :Sleepy Dog, Very hungry caterpillar, Hello kitty, David, My little pony.
{Bubble Ink loves the Very Hungry Caterpillar too!}

Bubble Ink : Why did you write the book?
Nandini :Because I want to make like a familiar book. I like books and I want to make one.

Bubble Ink :What else do you like?
Nandini :Watching tv, playing with daddy, mathematics, drawing and coloring.

Bubble Ink :Do you want to say something about your book?
Nandini :Its like , so good the last part because the 3 girls share the crowns and they share and they are kind to each other.

Author's Mom speaks:

Archana told The Bubble Ink,
There were a few grammatical mistakes here and there, but while writing the story Nandini was adamant that I write what she told me. She made it very clear to me that it was her book :). So I helped her with the writing piece while she narrated the story to me page by page. Tried hard to tell her to introduce the girls at the beginning, but she decided to name them in the 6th page!
When I told her about the feature, she was super excited and answered all the interview questions. I still can't believe this little girl responded to me about sharing and kindness :) .

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