Thursday 12 December 2013

1 Huggy Kissy - Review

 Huggy Kissy

What better way to start the blog for the season, the climate and the blog's theme itself of Bubbles, Babies and Books. This book is all about showing the love in form of hugs and kisses. 

The Book:
Huggy Kissy is a book about Hugs and Kisses with a baby and her close associations. 
Leslie Patricelli is a famous children's author and an illustrator.

The Bubble: 
We love the mere sight of this board book with its color and the matte finish on the pages. Each page of the book has a family member hugging and kissing. No one is forgotten, all close family associations, grand parents, uncle, auntie , the friend, the dog, the cat, the fish and even the blankie is hugged and kissed. We love the message the books sends out ; love all and express it too. Say it with a hug and a kiss.
The joy of bonding is beautifully illustrated in the book with details to the blushing, the sulking during the good-bye hug, the tear for the hug not to end and the pricky uncle.
The love and the mood lift it brings when it is being read is magical.We love the last page with the different types of kisses. It is beautifully hand lettered by the author herself. 
The Bubble Ink Verdict:
What's life with a child without those priceless hugs and kisses. A great read. Get it and cuddle your little one. While you are lost in cuddling the little one, the book makes you want to and teaches you how to do it to every one else {aka husbands} whom you love.  Go ! Say "I Love you" with a Hug and a Kiss to all whom you wish to and as the book reminds you , Don't forget anyone, not even the blankie! { may be the smart phonie for many} and wish for the hug not to end.

We bought ours at

We give it 4 bubbles out of 5.

The Bubbling's Verdict:
The bubbling's verdict can't be put in words. A picture , as soon as she sees the book : that adorable smile and arms held out running for the hug can only do justice. The bubbling , on every read of the book, doesn't forget to demand to be lifted up like what the dad does in this book.

A Bubble Ink book review will have these sections. 
The Book - The synopsis of the book and the author. 
The Bubble - Why we at Bubble Ink love it? 
The Bubble Ink Verdict: The blog author's verdict of the book to other mums  and a rating out of 5
The Bubbling's Verdict: The author's offspring , the tiny thing behind "The Bubble Ink", my toddler's verdict of the book which is expected to be more valuable than the Blog Author's verdict.


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That's a beautiful start for the blog. Can't wait to get the book for Medha :)

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