Monday 16 December 2013

0 Biscuit's Birthday

Biscuit's Birthday

The Book:
Biscuit's Birthday is a book about the birthday party of a dog named Biscuit. The book is written by Alyssa Satin Capucilli and illustrated by Pat Schorie.This is part of the Biscuit series of book featuring the brown dog character, Biscuit.

The Bubble:
We mostly sense her current interest for events/things/characters and mostly pick books based on that theme/character. This book was an easy choice for us with dog being one of her favourite animals, her excitement at a recent party and her own birthday nearing.

The story revolves around how a girl organizes a birthday party for her dog, named Biscuit. Right from, waking him up with a hat to put on, inviting his friends, decorating the lawn with balloons, the small cake with a candle, unwrapping of the birthday gifts , the perfect set up is beautifully illustrated. We love the  birthday mood it set us in. The book helps you teach the child on what happens at birthdays and to get her excited about her own.

We love the cute way the girl has thought out each of the favourite food for every guest and her thoughtful gifts for her puppy. Birthday is the best time to surprise your loved ones with the things on their wish list and to witness the joy as they unwrap those carefully chosen gifts. This book sends out that message to your child.

Biscuit with his hat on - unwrapping his gifts is cuteness overload.

Bubble Ink's Verdict:
Get the book to gear your child for her own party or for a friend's party. Birthday surprises have been the most awaited and most cherished events of my childhood, so this book is one of our favourites.

"Plan birthday surprises with gifts, 
Invite those surprise guests,
Blow the candle as you make a wish,

Enjoy great party food and have a bash.",
says the Bubble Ink and the book.

We bought ours at We give it 3 bubbles out of 5.
We picked the book after Devaki from Little Readers' Nook recommended the Biscuit series.

The Bubbling's Verdict:
Bubbling recently celebrated her 2nd birthday. From about 6 months ago, she has been reading this book and was well geared for her birthday. At the very sight of the book , says in baby talk, "Happy to you" and starts singing the Happy Birthday song. She loves all things party in this book.
It is a bubbling tantalizing-three.


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