Tuesday 17 December 2013

0 Feature - Two girls who wanted the golden crown - Nandini Thatavarthy

This is the first feature post by The Bubble Ink. Presenting to you, our little writer, Nandini Thatavarthy. In Bubble Ink style, here it goes
Two girls who wanted the golden crown 

The Book: 
Two girls who wanted the golden crown is about two girls who fought for the golden crown and at the end decide to share it and be best friends.

The book is written and hand illustrated by Nandini Thatavarthy who is 5 years old.
In her own words, on why she wrote the book , Nandini said "because I want to make like a familiar book. I like books and I want to make one. "

The Story: 

The book with her illustrations can be found in the video. The illustrations were hand drawn by Nandini herself , with her spending 3 full hours to do it. The book was hand written by Archana Budida Thatavarthy, Nandini's mom - word by word as narrated by Nandini, with even grammatical errors left as-is.

We realised the writing was a bit light and with the author deciding to color that area too :), it ended up a little difficult to read. So we requested Archana to add the printed lines to the video and also to send us the story via Email. Find the story at the end of the post.
The Bubble:
The book is about two girls who fight for the golden crown. The illustrations are hand drawn by the author herself and is an absolute joy to see. The girls continue to fight despite rain, despite mountains collapsing only to realize that the golden crown itself is getting smaller as they fight. Fighting till night, the girls decide to stop fighting and share the crown and the found that the crown got bigger. 
It teaches the lovely lesson of kindness and sharing. The message it sends out that despite all the fights friends will remain friends and if we fight, the world around us only diminishes (mountains collapsing, crown getting smaller). What insight into philosophy is that coming from a 5 year old author!

We are thoroughly impressed by the moral of the story, the imagination of the and her illustrations.

Bubble Ink's verdict:
Show the book to your child for that perfect inspiration, read it yourself and feel awed at the 6 year author's imagination.

The little author teaching you a lesson of kindness and sharing and the crown getting smaller when you fight and bigger when they become friends. Everything about the book touches your heart.

We give it 5 bubbles out of 5 and blow our infinite kisses to the author.

Nandini, We at Bubble Ink, want to tell you that we truly love what you have done. The story, the illustrations, the moral - We love it all ! May all the crowns that you desire stay as big as your heart wants them to be!

And as a token of our love and appreciation, we are sending you this, Plant a Kiss, one of our favourite books, the message in this book is the same as in yours. It will soon be on its way.
The Bubbling Verdict:
The bubbling still hasn't read the book. But am sure, this is serve as true inspiration for her.

Bubble Ink interviewed the author and got some lovely answers. Nandini's responses can be read here.

The Story:
Name: Two girls who wanted the golden crown by Nandini Thatavarthy
Page 1: Once upon a time there were two girls who fought and fought and they never stopped fighting. They both want the special golden crown.
Page 2: They went back to their house and they came back out of their house. They saw each other. They started fighting for the golden crown. While they were fighting the golden crown became smaller. 

Page 3: They got surprised and the whole time they didn't know the mountains collapsed and the whole time they didn't know the golden crown was getting smaller.

Page 4: They ran forward before it turned night. But the golden crown was getting 
smaller and smaller.

Page 5: It was raining. They went back to their home and they came out of their home. And it was raining badly. They almost cried for their mommy. But they didn't cry. They were brave.

Page 6: Shalliah was still following Rose. Shalliah wants to still follow Rose.

Page 7: Shalliah was still following Rose. Shalliah will never stop following Rose until she gets the golden crown.

Page 8: Shalliah is still following Rose. She will never stop. But Rose wants her to go back home. But Shalliah will never go back home. Shalliah wants the golden crown until she gets the golden crown she will not go back home.

Page 9: Rose and Shalliah became friends. But they will still fight for the golden crown.

Page 10: Rose and Shalliah are still after the golden crown. They will never stop fighting until one person first gets the golden crown.

Page 11: Rose almost reached the golden crown. Well Shalliah gets mad.

Page 12: Rose and Shalliah and Sam became best friends for ever. Even though if they fought they will still be best friends for ever. The crown became big. They broke three pieces of the crown and they kept the three half cut crowns on their head.

Note :  It was the author's conscious decision to introduce the girls and name them only on Page 6 despite the mother's request to introduce them in the beginning. Why remains a mystery?


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