Tuesday 11 March 2014

0 Day #12: 30 books in 30 days : Acts of kindness and sharing

As part of the 30 books in 30 days challenge, everyday of the challenge we will post a reading prompt to motivate you to read books.

Day #12 : March 12, 2014, is Girl Scouts Day - honoring that - today's reading prompt is Acts of Kindness and Sharing.

Our picks:

1. One of Each : Mary Ann Hoberman - A story about the pleasures of sharing. Oliver Tolliver lives all by himself having one each of everything in his home. He then wishes to invite his friend and found that he had two of nothing to share with the friend. Oliver goes shopping to buy another of everything and delights in the joy of sharing. A lovely read with rhyme, repetition and some nice illustrations too. 

2. Plant a Kiss : Amy Krouse Rosenthal : This is an adorable book on how a girl plants a kiss, patiently waits for it bloom and then shares the magic and watches how it multiplies. A story of hope, patience, sharing and bliss. Read our review here. Watch the trailer here

3. The mountain that loved the bird - Alice Mclerran By Tulika -  A story of a lonely mountain who is visited by a bird named Joy and how its acts made the mountain JOYOUS. Has the Arthi Anand stamp on that and read her own review here at SaffronTree

Kindness - 
It s just like a magic penny - 
Hold it tight and you won't have any,
Lend it, Spend it, give it away and it comes right back to you! 

I think I learnt this when I was a girl guide! 
Once a guide, always a guide.

Be kind to the blog, visit it and come back to tell us what you read.


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