Thursday 27 March 2014

0 Day #28 : 30 books in 30 days : Grandparents

As part of the 30 books in 30 days challenge, everyday of the challenge we will post a reading prompt to motivate you to read books.

Day #28 : Reading Prompt : Grandparents

Grandparents make the world , a little softer, a litter kinder and a little warmer. The reading prompt honors the grandparents

Our picks

1. Just Grandma, Grandpa and me - Mercer Mayer - The story of a young boy who makes blueberry pie with his grandparents. Right from getting the hens to lay eggs, milk the cows, pick the berries,doing these with grandparents makes it all them more delightful. Grandmom then bakes the pie with her secret ingredient "Love". They then take the pie to a market where the boy's grandmom's pie gets judged the best. They win a prize and the three walk back home happy.

Reading this book will sure bring back memories of food with our grandmothers. If you ever wondered why grandmom's goodies tasted delicious , it is because of this secret ingredient. 

2. Nana upstairs, Nana downstairs - Tomie dePaola - We picked this up at Hippocampus Bangalore while looking for books for the prompt. This is a story of two generation of grandmothers who is addressed as Nana downstairs (the grandmother) and Nana upstairs (the great grandmother) because the great grandmother always laid in bed upstairs. Candy offers, stories looking out from the window, nap time, the boy enjoys it all with his great grand mother and his grand mother. The story however has a sad ending with the great grand mother and grand mother passing away, blowing kisses to the boy in the form of a falling star.

3. Days with Thathu : Geeta Dharmarajan - A little girl who enjoys her times with her grandfather whom she loving calls Thathu. Read SaffronTree's review here
This again will bring back a lot of nostalgia of grocery shopping, beach trips, watching movies and just walking hand in hand with our grandfather. If grandmother meant delicious food, grandfather meant trips to the shop for candy!

If grandparents are around, have them read to their child. Or read a grandparent book to your child or read a story to them just like how your grandparents did to you.If your own grandmother is around, call and talk to them.

Come back here to tell us what you read.


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