Thursday 6 March 2014

0 Day #6: 30 books in 30 days : Book-Love

As part of the 30 books in 30 days challenge, everyday of the challenge we will post a reading prompt to motivate you to read books.

Day #6 : Reading prompt : Books-Love

Today, is World Book Day , we @ The Bubble Ink dedicate today's prompt to B.O.O.K.S.

We ask you to read books on books or books on love for reading.

Our picks:

1. Born To Read - Judy Sierra - Thanks to Falak @ My Little Chatterbox for this recommendation.

2. It's a Book - Lane Smith - This one is a gem! If you can't get hold of this book, you got to watch this trailer here on YouTube. This is for the older i-Everything hooked kids! Yeah, even if it means showing that video to them in the i-Device or the L-Top , do it!

3. The Why-Why Girl - Maheshweta Devi - By Tulika. - A touching story of a young girl who discovers that books have the answers to all her Why-s. We haven't read this one personally but we took Arthi's word for it and pick it. Thanks Arthi. On our wishlist moved to #1. Read the review here.

Read any of these or just about any book that is your child's favorite, turn its pages, rejoice but come back to FB / here and tell us what you read.

For the love of Books, Bubbles and Babies
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