Saturday 5 April 2014

0 E is for Elmer

Part of the A to Z blogging challenge #atozchallenge

The Book:
The Elmer series is written and illustrated by David McKee is about a patchwork elephant who is unique in all his ways than just his appearance. He made sure that he kept all elephants happy always.

The Bubble:
Elmer is the only elephant in the herd of all grey elephants and gets laughed for this appearance. Elmer gets disturbed by this and he decides to sneak away one night. On his way, he meets all the jungle animals who address him as Elmer and not elephant. Elmer finds a large bush of grey-colored berries and colors himself in berry juice, thus ending up looking like the other grey elephants. When he goes to the jungle, no one recognizes him. The illustrations are lovely where despite now being elephant color, Elmer is shown to stand out in the crowd with his naughty, funny looks.

Even if not recognized by appearance, Elmer couldn't contain his laughter and gets himself identified by bursting into laughter. It then rains to wash off the grey from Elmer making him , himself again. Thus, Elmer day was declared, where all elephants color themselves in multi colors and Elmer colors himself grey.

A lovely story which is a celebration of being oneself and in taking pride in one's individuality.

Bubble Ink's verdict:

We love the subtle way in which the books bring out the message of "Be who you are, even if you are different from others, be yourself".

We have Elmer, Elmer again, Elmer and the Lost Teddy and Elmer's Weather - all of them bought in book sales.

The story line in each of them show how Elmer is unique in his own way - be it his wit, intelligence or kindness, Elmer is Elmer.  Atleast one book in the Elmer series is a must-read for your child.
We give it 4 bubbles.

Bubbling's verdict:
The bubbling is an elephant - lover and loves the Elmer series. Her favourite is Elmer and the lost teddy. From the Elmer book, she loves to identify the berry-juice-covered-grey-colored-Elmer from the other grey elephants.
It is a bubbling-fab-four.


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