Friday 25 April 2014

0 V is for Vir from The World of Anahi and Vir

Part of the A to Z blogging challenge #atozchallenge

The Book:
The world of Anahi and Vir is a series from Little Latitude. 
This is a review of "If I lived in a tree house" written by Kalpana Subramanian and illustrated by Prashant Miranda.

The Bubble:
The book is Anahi and Vir visualising what they would do if they lived in the different places like tree house, forest , a water pipe , a cave and so on. The illustrations are such a visual treat complemented well by the rhyming text. We love the imagination of Anahi and Vir who think up even a water pipe with mice stuck inside as house.  The book talks about homes like a pouch for the baby kangaroo, those weaved in the air as webs by spiders, grand kings' palaces and even the homeless monks too. It ends on a lovely note which drives home the message "Home is where the heart is". 

Sample Lines:
A home could be a pouch
Or it could be a shell
It could be spun around you
And no one can really tell.

Bubble Ink's verdict:
We love the entire series for its pretty water color illustrations, the whimsical impact that they leave on you and the simple , yet adorable rhyming text. There is some thing infectious about the illustrations in this book, something that touches you at every flip of the page.

Atleast one from this series is a must look-at!
We borrowed our copy from Hippocampus Bangalore.
We give it 4 bubbles.

Bubbling's verdict:
Bubbling loves the illustrations, we name all the pretty things on each page. She loves the tree house page with mangoes and banana and the page in which Vir hangs upside down like a monkey.
It is a bubbling-tantalizing-three.


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