Thursday 24 April 2014

0 U is for Up Down

Part of the A to Z Blogging challenge #atozchallenge

The Book:
Up Down is a bilingual written by Vinayak Varma.

The Bubble:
A cute little book about a little boy who is looking for the right companion to play see-saw with. Appu goes about asking the grasshopper, mouse and a dog only to realize that he is too heavy to play see-saw with them. While the grasshopper, mouse and the dog found him too heavy, the cow found his too light.

Bubble Ink's verdict:
We love the simplicity of the book and the beautiful illustrations with action words as each characters falls off the see-saw. After all the simple joys of childhood and the most beautiful memories of childhood are those of the delightful things like the see-saws!
We bought ours at the Tullika stall at the Chennai Book Fair.
We give it 4-bubbles.

Bubbling's verdict:
The bubbling loves her park visits and loves books with these sounds words like "aaa-wwwwww", "woooooooo". This is a bubbling-tantalizing-three.


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