Tuesday 15 April 2014

0 M is for Matilda's Cat

Part of the A to Z challenge #atozchallenge

The Book:
Matilda's Cat is written and illustrated by Emily Gravett.

The Bubble:
The book is about the girl named Matilda and her cat. The text in the book reads that Matilda's Cat likes a host of things like playing with wool,  with boxes, with hats, while the illustrations show Matilda's cat either intimidated by those things or not caring least about them. The illustrations also show Matilda dressed up like a cat herself doing all those things herself, in an attempt to figure out what her cat likes. In every subsequent page, the previous liking is crossed out to indicate that her cat doesn't actually like it. But, why does the cat still stick around despite not liking any of those things that the narration claims or that Matilda does?

Bubble Ink's verdict:
We love the illustrations, specifically the richness of details on each spread. The page that reads Matilda's cat loves bed time stories has Matilda reading the book "Dogs" , pointing her finger such that her shadow shows up as a dog which scares the hell out of the cat.  Dogs book being read, shows up as Dog shadow to get across the message that Cats are afraid of dogs and so does Matilda's cat! What attention to detail that! 

We love Emily Gravett for her wit , her beautiful illustrations and the style that is so uniquely hers!
We bought ours at the Lightroom Bookstore in Bangalore. The name 'Emily Gravett' and a quick flip through the beautiful hand lettered text and the illustrations were enough to pick this book up.
We give it 4 bubbles.

Bubbling's verdict:
The bubbling loves the illustrations : the page with Matilda playing with wool and the funky hats are her favourites. She calls Matilda in her cat coat as Cat too :). Points to the illustrator for that!
It is a bubbling-tantalizing-three.


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