Tuesday 29 April 2014

0 Y is for Yay, You

Part of the A to Z challenge #atozchallenge

The Book:
Yay, You is by Sandra Boynton. 

The Bubble:
Perfectly sub-titled Moving Out, Moving up, Moving On!, the book is a perfect read for all ages. It is best suited when you are moving schools, graduating, moving cities, shifting jobs or for just a light read to liven up your mood.

It tells all the things that you want to hear to feel good about yourself, to feel confident about the decisions that you have made or yet to make and to feel just great about doing what you are doing. It lists many different options like map reading and travelling, going fast, going slow, loving art, Nothing preachy! 

Sample lines:
And whatever you do -
now or later,
big or small,
loud or quiet-
whatever you do,
don't worry.
Just try it.
Whatever you do,
whether near or so far,
I know you'll be great.

You already are!

Love, love those lines.

Bubble Ink's verdict:
A must read for every one. It was an adorable and touching read. Love the illustrations with the cute Pookie. When the most profound life's lessons are told with cute illustrations like these, who would think it is advice?

Love the page that says , 
Hey, What s the hurry anyhow?
There are places to get to, projects to do,
people to talk with and lunches to chew ,
but Stopping a while is ok , too ( this page has the Pookie, blowing bubbles - We love bubbles - blowing bubbles is the best thing on this earth, we believe).

Atleast one page or a line is sure to touch you in a way of "Been-there-felt-that" feeling or "just-what-i-wanted-to-hear" moment! 

A borrowed read.
A sure 5-bubbles.

Bubbling's verdict:
Since the book was a borrowed read , it was not read to the bubbling. My little bubbling isn't the age yet for this one! But am going to have her read this , for sure, whenever she is ready.
So no bubbling verdict on this one.


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