Monday 21 April 2014

0 R is for Rosie's Walk

Part of the A to Z Blogging challenge #atozchallenge

The Book:

Rosie's Walk is written and illustrated by Pat Hutchins.

The Bubble:

The book is about a hen named Rosie who is going for a walk in the farm and the text narrates her path. The illustrations convey the plot where in Rosie is being followed by a fox who attempts to hunt her and ends up in mishaps. Does Rosie reach home safely or does she fall prey to the fox?

Bubble Ink's verdict:

We love these kind of picture books where the text narrates the obvious and the illustrations tell the plot and how some interpretations are left to the reader. Here, if Rosie is purposely leading the fox to those dangers or is she unaware of the fox following her is left to the reader. We love the look and feel of the illustrations which is a perfect farm setting with haycock, bee hives, flour mill and pond.

We bought ours at a book sale. We give it 4 bubbles.

Bubbling's verdict:

The bubbling repeats "Fox is going catch the hen" and "Aach-cha-cho, Fox fell Damaaal" alternatively on the illustrations. It is a bubbling-fab-four.


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