Wednesday 14 May 2014

0 Children's Book Week @ Bubble Ink

For the love of Books, specifically Children's books, we celebrate Children's Book Week with a book or a voucher to take away and some fun stuff.

1. Book Exchange.
Very similar to our earlier Exchange party with the only change being that we don't want to do it internationally this time unless there is a very specific request.
Please use this form to register for the event with your wishlist and the books that you have to offer. As earlier, you can choose to offer an used book that your child has outgrown, your extra copy of a book or even buy a new book online and ship to your exchange partner. List on the form your preferences to help us work out the partners in an easy and smooth way.

2. List your favourites.
We would to hear from you on the books that you have enjoyed at your home. Your personal favourites as a parent, your child's favourites over the growing years, your current wish list.
If you are a blogger, we would encourage you to write a blog post on your faourites, your reading journey with the child. Share with us the link to your blog.
Here are what we would like to know
1. Favourite characters from Children's Book. eg: Fern from Charlotte's Web
2. Favourite series e.g Spot.
3. Your child's favourites over the growing years.
4. Your personal favourite as a parent.
5. Your current wish list.
6. Your favourite quote or lines from any children's Book.

Most details on the form here.

Submit your favourites here, we will create a collage poster with these on post it on the Bubble Ink page for other parents to benefit from.

3. Celebrate Authors and Illustrators:
On any of the days this week, we would like to celebrate our favourite children's book authors and illustrators. For this, we would encourage you to pick an author or illustrator for a day and celebrate them. Read multiple books from the chosen author/illustrator, draw a similarity in their writing style or illustration style and try an artwork or a small piece of writing based on their style. 
Be inspired by others - Share the resources that you find on the internet.

E.g: Julia Donaldson - With an older child, you can try a small piece of 4 lines with her rhyming style.
Eric Carle - Try a craft with this collage style illustration
Dr Seuss - Try his classic red and blue illustrations.
It can be as simple as even a coloring page or a craft. 
We will post on the Bubble Ink page some inspiration from over the internet and you can post back what you did around the same on our page. We also encourage you to share the inspiration that you find.

4. Win a Book
We love giving away books and we love helping you tick-off your wishlist. If you participate in any one of the above 3 activities, you stand a chance for a lucky draw to win a book or a voucher. The value of the book or the voucher will be limited to Rs 200 INR. For international participants an equivalant 5$ amazon voucher or an Indian Shipping address or the option to take the INR voucher will be requested. Please bear with us for this limitation. If we are able to procure the book on your wish list, we will work out with the individual winner if an used book is ok and can get you that. The option to choose a book or a voucher lies with the winner.
The lucky draw will be done on 20th May 2014.

Now pass the word around and get going.


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