Sunday 11 May 2014

0 Picture Book Treasure Hunt : #1

We are celebrating Mom's Day @ the Bubble Ink and picture books with mom-child as the theme.

Today, We will have 6 bloggers who are picture book enthusiasts, book bloggers and Children's books authors blog about their favourite mom-child theme book. You can hop on to their blogs or if posted on Bubble Ink blog to read the clues.

1. 1 point for guessing the book and 1 point for guessing the author on each blog.
2. Comment moderation is enabled on all blogs. So you will not be able to view your comment till the end of the contest, 15th May.
3. We would appreciate if you collect all the answers and make it as a single comment here.
4. You can also leave the individual comments on the blogger's blogs.
5. Do not leave the comment on FB posts.
6. You can email the entire set of your answers to
7. The contest is open till 15th May for guessing.
8. This is not a classic treasure hunt but just a guessing game of Picture books in mom-child theme. i.e One clue doesn't lead to the other.
9. So, the points are not based on who guesses first. You guess it right anytime between today and 15th May you get the point for it.

Divya Purandar, in her own words about herself.

I may be a lawyer by profession, but given a choice, a bibliophile that I am, I'd prefer to read away all day!:-)) One of the principal joys of motherhood is reading to my little one and with a view to cherish those precious moments, I started blogging on Onestoryaday as I am reliving childhood, in so many ways!:-)

Here is the first clue on Divya's blog here.

Do leave the comment here on Bubble Ink or Divya's own blog.


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