Tuesday 13 May 2014

0 J is for Jon Klassen : This is not my Hat - Review

J is for Jon Klassen

Books that Bubble Ink has read :
I want my hat back, This is not my hat, Extra Yarn (Illustrated by him)

Pic Coutesy: slj.com

Books read to the Bubbling:
I want my hat back, This is not my hat, Extra Yarn

Bubble Ink pick:
Extra Yarn

Bubbling Pick:
This is not my hat

Some more that we think are great:
The Dark

We have already done Extra Yarn and love it , we will do the Bubbling pick and the Caldecott Medal "This is not my hat" today.

The Book:
This is not my hat is a book written and illustrated by Jon Klassen. 2013 Caldecott Medal and is a sequel to his I want my hat back.

Buy your copy here on Amazon. and on Flipkart .

The Bubble:
The book is narrated by the small fish who steals the hat from the big fish while he was sleeping. The small fish goes on to justify why he stole, how he stole it and how he thinks that even those who see him hide will not tell the big fish, how no one can find it behind the plants. The narration says that and the illustrations contradict it with exactly the opposite. Witty!

Does the big fish get the hat?

We love the illustrations with it being spread over both the pages for the big fish and only part of the page for the small fish, the facial expressions of the big fish portrayed so well!

Bubble Ink Verdict:
Simple story sprinkled with wit, some dry humor and with some awesome illustrations. This one is a great read. Let your little one just enjoy the illustration, your older one the wit and you enjoy all of it!

We borrowed ours from Hippocampus Bangalore then bought our own copy at the Flipkart 50% sale.
We give it 5 bubbles.

Bubbling verdict:
This is one of those books that I didn't expect the bubbling to like , but even if one doesn't get the dry humor in it, brilliant illustrations win hands down. She picks the book up saying the first line "This hat is not mine", Then I go "I took it from a" and she completes "Big, big fish" - She enacts the sleeping, waking up, looking for hat, where's my hat pages! We adapt the story a bit so she doesn't yet get the hit but relates more as a hat taken away and the big fish going to find it.

It is a bubbling-full-five


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