Sunday 11 May 2014

0 Picture Book Treasure Hunt #6

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Clue #6:

Arundhati Venkatesh is a children's writer. Her picture book 'Junior Kumbhakarna' published by Tulika Books won the Parents and Kids Choice Award. Her chapter book 'Petu Pumpkin Tiffin Thief' is out from Duckbill Books this month.

Here are her clues for the sixth book in the Hunt.

This book is rather special. Two summers ago, the kid would be out all day, making the most of his holidays. In the evening, he would plonk himself with a book on the kitchen floor while I fixed dinner. It was always the same book. 

As parents are wont to do, I looked for ulterior motives. Was it because it was easy, unlike the chapter books he found intimidating back then? 

One evening, he'd left the book on the floor, and I picked it up. It was then that I realised where the appeal lay. I'd read the book before; this time I saw it from the perspective of a child enjoying his independence, but longing for the comfort of home and loved ones. A kid seeking excitement as well as reassurance. It was written the way a child would want to hear a story. 

Without further ado, here are the clues:

1. A generous dose of adventure, with tenderness in equal measure

2. The closing line and the final illustration are related to food!

3. The visuals alternate between black and white line drawings and full-color illustrations

4. Another picture book by the same author is a bedtime classic 

I'm sure you've guessed by now. How many clues did you need - 0, 1, 2, 3 or all 4?

1. 1 point for guessing the book and 1 point for guessing the author on each blog.
2. Comment moderation is enabled on all blogs. So you will not be able to view your comment till the end of the contest, 15th May.
3. We would appreciate if you collect all the answers and make it as a single comment here.
4. Do not leave the comment on FB posts.
5. You can email the entire set of your answers to
6. The contest is open till 15th May for guessing.
7. This is not a classic treasure hunt but just a guessing game of Picture books in mom-child theme. i.e One clue doesn't lead to the other.
8. So, the points are not based on who guesses first. You guess it right anytime between today and 15th May you get the point for it.


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