Thursday 15 May 2014

0 Children's Book Week : Arts Tales with Arthi Anand - Favourites

Arthi Anand of Arts Tales shares the favourites in their household and the reading journey with her girls

Arthi Anand Navaneeth is a marketing professional with a fragrance MNC , mother of 2 girls and a writer.
Have You Seen This? and Ranganna are her picture books published by Tulika.  She also is the creator of Mister Muthu for Chandamama.

She is a children's book reviewer at Saffron Tree and a weekend storyteller. She blogs about her storytelling adventures at Art's Tales and  her FB page is

P for Picture books

My earliest memory of narrating a story to Anushka, was The shepherd boy who cried wolf, when she was around one year old.
There on we added Goldilocks and soon The big pancake made it a trio.
We ( Navy, me and my mother) often improvised and made up stories with Anush as a character- to get over some fear or even to explain traffic rules.
Well, she did have some board books on Winnie the Pooh and words and numbers and a beautiful bath tub book of a little fish and a shark
But we largely stuck to the oral tradition and read aloud books only much later.

As an easy gradual step up, Karadi rhymes came into our home by the time she was two and Jalebi curls from Tulika entered our library.
Everyone in the family, including slightly long term visitors learnt the Karadi songs.
We bought every Tulika title we could find- Mountain who loved a bird, Brahma's Butterfly, Gajapati Kulapati are much thumbed copies.
We bought a few Tara and Katha books as well.

A visit from my aunt in the US saw Dr Suess enter our home in a big way- Anush was around 3 then.
I had never read Suess till then and frankly found it overrated to begin with.
But when Anush began to read One fish, Blue fish by herself I was a convert.

Eric Carle ( we began with The Very Hungry Caterpillar) , Julia Donaldson ( started with a Squash and a Squeeze), tales from multi cultural contexts ( began with Handa's Surprise), were loved and embraced thanks to Safrron Tree and a good friend Chox who was overseas then.

I began as an ST fan and ended up a contributor.
Around then, I became an active picture book hunter and Anush graduated to chapter books.
We got Anush picture books in Hindi and most importantly now we had Aditi to read to and she had us and her big sister to enjoy stories with.

We moved to Bangalore and discovered Pratham books- Too many bananas is still a favourite

So the love affair with picture books has turned into an enduring relationship............helping me along in my roles as mother, writer, storyteller and blogger.


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