Friday 9 May 2014

0 H is for Henkes, Kevin: A Good Day review.

H is for Henkes, Kevin

Kevin Henkes
Winner of Caldecott Medal for Kitten's Full Moon and Caldecott honor for Owen.

Books that Bubble Ink has read :
A good day, Wemberly Worried, Kitten's Full Moon, Chrysanthemum.

Books read to the Bubbling:
A Good Day

Bubble Ink pick:
Wemberly Worried

Bubbling Pick:
A Good Day

Some more that we think are great:
Kitten's Full Moon, My Garden, Owen, Lily's Plastic Purse.

We will review A Good Day.

The Book:
A Good Day is written and illustrated by Kevin Henkes.

The Bubble:
The book is about the incidents that happens on a bad day which starts with the bird loses a feather, a dog caught in a fence, a fox can't find his mother and a squirrel losing its nut. Then, suddenly the day starts turning into a good one, with the squirrel finding a bigger nut, the dog unleashed, the fox finding his mother, the little bird just forgetting its loss and as a feather on the cap, a little girl finds that lost feather and goes home in glee.

Buy A Good Day here:

Some more Picks here :

Bubble Ink's verdict:
One of those picture books which don't preach even in a single line but drives home the message in such an effective way. The book holds lessons of perseverance, hope, to stop and breathe and the problem will just resolve itself, to let go and to derive happiness from even the littlest thing in life.

What can turn a bad day to a good day? Just wait ! Let things go or Let things be! And see again. We will either find the brightest idea to fix the problems or the problem has just vanished itself. Then, the bad day turns into a Good Day

A refreshing read for anyone of any age
We give it 4-Bubbles.
We borrowed our copy from Hippopotamus Bangalore.

Bubbling's verdict:
Bubbling picture reads this book almost fully and she does make a sad face all through the bad day pages and smiling with glee at the happy pages.

It is a bubbling-tantalizing-three.


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