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0 F is for Fleming, Denise - In the Small Small Pond

F is for Fleming, Denise

Denise Fleming
Winner of the Caldecott Medal for In the Small Small Pond is an author and illustrator.
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Books that Bubble Ink has read :
In the Small Small Pond

Books read to the Bubbling:
In the Small Small Pond

Bubble Ink pick:
In the Small Small Pond

Bubbling Pick:
In the Small Small Pond

Some more that we think are great:
In the Tall Tall Grass

We will review In the Small Small Pond.

The Book:
In the Small Small pond is written and illustrated by Denise Fleming

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The Bubble:
A book that is excellent in illustrations and in rhyme. The book introduces on each spread animals, the actions or the things that they are upto on the pond with just 4 words to describe them.

All pond animals are introduced one on each page with action words to describe them or by naming them. Tadpoles, Geese, Raccoons, Muskrats, Crabs, Fishes, Herons, dragonflies and all of that appear in the book.

Sample lines:

Wiggle Jiggle, Tadpoles wriggle

Splitter splatter, minnows scatter

Click Clack, Claws crack

Dabble Dip, Tails Flip

Bubble Ink's verdict:
We love the illustrations and the intelligence in being able to convey the text in excellent rhyme and amazing brevity.
Our interpretation of the plot in the book is of a frog who is trying to go to sleep but is going around the pond being disturbed by all the action like minnows splattering, crabs clacking, paws flashing. The frog is even shown as dozing off in one of the spreads. But slowly towards the end, after all the action in the pond, the frog settles down as it starts snowing, "Cold Night, Sleep Tight"

For the youngest book lover, the illustrations and the spotting the frog appeal.
For beginning readers, the rhyming text, learning some new animals in the pond work well.
For older readers, the large font aid in reading and a great start to a good vocabulary.
Ours was a borrowed read.
We give it 4-bubbles.

Bubbling's verdict:
She loves books where we name each animal and the spotting the frog from this book. She starts the book with Frog jumping over the boy.
It is a bubbling-tantalizing-three (A very recent read for us)


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