Saturday 4 October 2014

0 Books for the first 24 months : Birthday Books

Part of the #Write31Days series in October. 

This is a series of book categories for picture books in the first 24 months.

Happy Birthday Book

Children around 18 months who start attending birthday parties of friends/family develop a love that is magical for birthday parties. While most babies' first birthdays are those that less involve them and mostly the parents', second birthdays involve the child a bit more.

Personally, at our home, this worked since we attended a few birthday parties after the bubbling was 18 months old and she had a fascination for parties, balloons, cake cutting and the likes. At this age, books that relate to real world incidents which the child identifies with work wonders, as did a birthday book at our home.

At younger than 18 months or so, even if the child doesn't still get the birthday concept, our picks double up as a good options to simply view the illustrations and later on to enjoy the birthday bit.

Our picks:

1. Happy Birthday, Biscuit.
This is part of the Biscuit puppy series and shows the whole day of birthday festivities that a girl plans for her puppy, Biscuit. We have loved this since the bubbling's fascination for birthday and puppies had her immediately take on to the book. We have reviewed this here.

2. Happy Birthday Mouse by Laura Numeroff.
This is by the author of the "If you give a .. "series - Laura Numeroff. Laden with pretty illustrations this book is about what the mouse wants to have for his breakfast on his birthday. Taking on from the most famous book of the If you give a series - which is If you give a mouse a cookie - the mouse wants a cookie for his birthday breakfast, The illustrations are lovely and has most of the breakfast items that a child can easily relate to.


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