Wednesday 8 October 2014

0 Books for the first 24 months: Books on Toys

Part of the #Write31Days series in October.
This is a series of book categories for picture books in the first 24 months.
Got to know from the Arts Tales FB page that today is "Take your teddy bear to work" day. Hence moved this category for today.

Our next category is "Books about Toys"

When it comes to picture books in the first 24 months, it is great to choose things that a child can best relate to, books based on things that an essential part of the child's everyday life - Isn't toys a good choice then? A blanket buddy, a soft toy, a rattle, a teether, a pounding toy, blocks , sometimes even books as toys - it has been a integral part or else atleast a passing phase in your baby's first 2 years.

Our pick:

Knuffle Bunny : Mo Willems : The first book that comes to mind when I think about toys. It is a 3 books series that is centered around Trixie from her toddlerhood to being an older child and how she always misplaces her loved, one of a kind Knuffle Bunny. (pronounced with the "K" not being silent). The first book is probably the best suited for the first 24 months since Trixie is a toddler who can't yet speak in legible full sentences in that book and struggles to get her dad to understand that she misplaced her Knuffle Bunny. Our detailed review here.


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