Saturday 11 October 2014

0 Books for the first 24 months: Black and White

Part of the #Write31Days challenge.
Book categories for the first 24 months.

Black and White Pictures

Another perfect choice fort he wee-baby days. Babies first see black, white and shaded of grey. Books with black and white pictures will sure simulate them. In the little time that they stay awake during these days, these books are a perfect choice to keep them engaged.

Our picks:

Look! Look : Peter Leninthal : Has lovely black and white pictures of children smiling, hands reaching and the sun shining - very visually appealing pictures and is such a great choice for the first book.

Wee Gallery - Art cards : We haven't personally used these but have chanced upon them in bookstores and just love them. Beautifully illustrated penguins and pandas - these as cards make it perfect for the first few months.


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