Sunday 12 October 2014

0 Books for the first 24 months : Wordless

Part of the #Write31Days challenge.
Book categories for the first 24 months.

Wordless Books
Most of us might be skeptical about introducing wordless books at this age - We might think that to the child who can't yet read, a wordless book is as good as a one with words. But, one wordless book is a must own for your own good and it will grow on the child. 
Wordless books are a class part when it comes to illustrations and it is sheer joy to discover a wordless picture along with a child - especially ones older than about 18 months. As a parent, this has left in complete awe - the imagination that it gives to as a parent when you narrate it to a very young child and then as the child gets older letting him/her discover the story by themselves.

Though some wordless picture books should wait for advanced readers - there are a few which we can introduce that a very young age.

Our picks for the first 24 months:

Have you seen my duckling? - Nancy Tafuri
One of the ducklings wanders away and the momma duckling goes looking for it only to discover that the duckling has been all the while close to her - only she couldn't see it. The bubbling at as young as 18 months when read this book actually thought that the little duckling was playing a game of hide and seek with the mum. That is a true wordless book - left to the imagination of the reader.
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We have enjoyed this book to bits.

Where's Walrus? - Stephen Savage
Another wordless book for the very young - this one is hilarious too. A walrus escapes the zoo and disguises himself amidst dancers, painters, firemen , business men to fool the zoo keeper who is on the lookout for him. Intelligent illustrations and the imagination make this a lovely read. 
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