Friday 3 October 2014

0 Books for the first 24 months : Cloth Books

Part of the #Write31Days series in October. 

This is a series of book categories for picture books in the first 24 months.

Cloth Books:

In the first few months, cloth books are the best bet. The child can see colors, feel textures and also use as a snuggle pillow. With no fear of pages tearing apart or the fear of putting them into the mouth, these are a very good option to introduce to the child.

We have had a few cloth books while the bubbling was young and we still love how colorful and fun they are. There are also cloth books with rattles, teethers, crinkles to additional serve as toys and chewers for the babies.

Our picks:

Where is my Belly Button?: The original book by Karen Katz is a lovely one indeed. The abridged version of this in a cloth book was much adored in our home. The book will grow on the child with the lift the flaps and the body parts learning bits.

LaMaze Cloth Books: We had this black and white crib toy and have loved it.


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