Thursday 9 October 2014

0 Books for the first 24 months: Touch and Feel books

Part of the Write31Days challenge.
Book categories for the first 24 months.

Touch and feel books

These are really great for this age group , especially during the baby months for the child to touch , feel and explore textures in the books. Touch and feel books are available in bright pictures which feature just about everything : toys, animals , babies ,: the key is to choose the category that your child loves.

Our picks

Peek-a-boo Moo: a lady bird book: this features farm animals and parts of the animal picture has textured touch and feel elements and was a great hit since the bubbling was a cow-lover .

This little fairy : this is a series which has " this little .." , we bought the fairy one since it had a lot of glittery wand and soft dress .

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